Meganissi, Skorpios, Kalamos, Kastos

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The island of Meganissi is the largest of the islands in the vicinity of Lefkada and has about 1000 inhabitants spread to three villages: Vathi `Katomeri and Spartochori.
At the top of the 'island lies "Spartochori", built between dedalee streets where one can admire the view towards Spilia, a natural gulf that creates a beautiful beach. "Katomeri" a small town feel with small traditional shops and an authentic life at night. The island of Meganissi boasts lush vegetation and, thanks to its many coves, is the ideal place to moor small boats and enjoy the crystal clear sea in the south and in the eastern part of the island of Meganissi are numerous natural caves, the most famous is certainly the cave Papanikoli, which tradition says it was one of the hiding places of the submarine "Papanikolis" hunted by the Germans during world War II, the cave is very wide and has a depth of 30 meters, inside is this even a small beach. All the caves in this part of the island is only accessible by sea.
Churches and monasteries on the island of particular interest include Aghioi Constantinos ke Eleni in Katomeri, Aghios Nikolaos on a pebbly seashore in the west of the island.
Meganissi is quite small, but can offer you the beautiful coast transparent to places like St. John, Spilia, Fanari, Atherinos, Limonari, Passoumaki, Elijah and Loutrolomni.
Accessible by boat from Nidri Lefkada, or by airplane from the airport of Preveza.

Skorpios & Skorpidi

Skorpios is the only private island in Greece along with the nearby island of Madouri, is owned by the Onassis family,
The island of Skorpidi as the island of Skorpios, Onassis belongs to the family, the island can not be visited. Skorpidi is a very small island just in front of the island of Lefkada.
Skorpios, unfortunately, can not be visited, but it is possible to bathe in its pristine waters, embarking on one of the many cruises that depart daily from the town of Nidri.


The island of Kalamos has a surface area 20 sq km, permanent inhabitants number less than 600. There are four hamlets on the island: Kalamos, Episkopi, Kastro and Kefali and its highest peak is Vouni (750 m). Kalamos itself is the picturesque harbour for all sorts of craft, built in a crescent on the side of Vouni. Its stone houses with tiled roofs practically touch one another.The Kalamos beaches, mainly accessible from the sea, are Myrtia, Asproyiali, Agriapidia, Pefki, Kefali, Kedros, Alexaki, Kipi and Trahilos; circumnavivgating the island, look out for the caves which are also very interesting.


Kastos is a very smal island and in summer turns into a paradise for the boaters, dozens of boats come to Kastos, during the summer months, for enjoy the beautiful bays, that this island offers.The most famous beaches of the island of Kastos are: Fiki Vali, Kilada, Aghios Emilianos (where there is a small cave deep more than 30 meters and quietly visited) Limni, Kamini, Vrissidi. Almost all of these beautiful beaches can be visited only by boat, not being reached by land.