Lefkada island




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Porto Katsiky

Porto Katsiky is the most famous and photogenic beach, it is at the bottom of an arc of pale cliff that seem to have the clean lines of something designed by an architect rather than a natural wonder. It rises out of the water like a wedge, narrow at the center of the bay where there are only a few stairs to the sand, and then towering upwards at either end. As well as the white lines of the cliffs, the water is bright, bright blue and the cliffs have grassy topped fringes.
At the top of the stairs a car park and snack bars are located. Porto Katsiki can also be reached by taxi-boat from the villages of Vassiliki and Nidri.


Kathisma beach is a continuation of Agios Nikitas beach. It is 14 km east of Lefkada Town. This beach is organised, with sunbeds and watersports available. It is full of amenities of shops, restaurants and bars and studios. The beach is beautiful, long and sandy and has a unique colour of water – a magnificent turquoise shade that looks like it has been mixed with bleach. The whole beach is surrounded by cliffs, providing a dramatic landscape. 


Egremni beach is 30 km south of the Capital of Lefkada steps to reach it. The beach is accessed from the car park via 347 steep steps that hug a rugged cliff face some 150m high. The waters of Egremni are strikingly clear and the sunsets are frequently dramatic. The beach is composed of fine to medium-sized pebbles that are very comfortable to lie on, in the white color typical of the Ionian Islands. The sea deepens quite fast, especially on the southern end, where the cruise ships can take the tourists directly on the shore. It also frequently experiences intense waves, so take care if you're with small children. This beach is ideal for nature-lovers seeking tranquility and paradise beauty.


Nidri is one of the most popular and cosmopolitan resorts of Lefkada, Nidri attracts thousands of visitors every summer. It is located 17 kilometres from the capital of the island. A beautiful beach with crystalline waters can be found in the resort of Nidri and offers all the needed facilities; from there, one can enjoy a nice view over the islets of Heloni, Scorpio, Sparti, Scorpidi and Madouri. A wide range of hotels, taverns, cafes, bars and nightclubs are available in the area


Perigiali beach is a picturesque beach that the local Greeks use for fishing; you can see many small fishing boats out to sea from here. It is the most important area for fishing on the Island of Lefkada and as such has many fish tavernas nearby, offering fresh and delicious sea food.


Agiofili beach is situated near the village of Vassiliki, 38 kilometers from the town of Lefkada, on the southern part of the island. It is a small beautiful beach with sandy coast and crystal waters and offers various water sports activities, like windsurfing, scuba diving, and sea kayaking, in a relaxing and care-free atmosphere. Visitors can also enjoy swimming in the small bay of Ammousa.

Agios Nikitas

Agios Nikitas is a small beautiful beach, with crystal clear water, located near the village of Agios Nikitas full of Restaurant and shops.It is 12 km North West of Lefkada Town.Because of the proximity of the village to some of the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada (Porto Katsiki, Kathisma and Pefkoulia) it has now become an important resort attracting thousands of visitors every summer.

Megali Petra

Megali Petra is another beach not to be missed while on Lefkada. Located at the western part of the island, very near Kalamitsi beach, Megali Petra has been named after the huge rocks that are scattered on its waterfront, meaning "great rocks" in Greek. The beach is partially organized with sunbeds and umbrellas and features a long descending road and a little of walking to reach the shore. A very nice beach with the typical Ionian combination of colours!

Agios Ioannis

Agios Ioannis is a sandy beach on the west side of the Island and is the closest beach to the Islands Capital. It is a well known, beautiful, popular beach. There are several old windmills here, giving it a unique and distinctive landscape. This beach due to its off shore breezes is a good choice for windsurfers. You will also see people flying kites here; doing wonderful displays and acrobatic tricks with their kites.

Vasiliky beach

The beach of Vassiliki is one of the southernmost settlements of Lefkada and boasts a vast sandy coast overlooking the endless Ionian Sea. The place is ideal for windsurfing, sailing and various other watersports while it also offers a great variety of accommodation, restaurants and shops. A charming small village providing access through ferry boats to nearby islands and mostly the beautiful Ithaca! The beach is pebbled and at its ends the seabed has small stones and rocks. 

Mikros Gialos

Mikros Gialos is an outstanding beach on Leftaka, considered as one of the best on the Island. It is 25 km south of the Capital and is near the village of Poros. It is a long stretch of sandy coastline with warm azure waters. There are good facilities on offer here, from sunbeds and umbrellas, snack bars and tavernas.

Nikiana beach

Nikiana Beach is a small sandy beach only 9 km from Lefkada Town. Nikiana has grown in recent years and is now becoming a resort town. As such the beach is close to many amenities such as restaurants and shops.